Xerox Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your investor relations software support public partnerships, private placements and REIT back-office processing?
Yes, our investor relations software is designed to handle many different types of investments, including those mentioned. All investments for an investor can be viewed on a single screen, regardless of the type of investment.

We’re winding down our partnerships in the next few years. Why should we change systems now?
The partnership industry in general is winding down, but reporting requirements for partnerships are becoming more complex. For instance, there are recent changes in K1 reporting requirements by the California Franchise Tax Board and electronic filing requirements by the IRS.

Fund Administrators (FA) is an alternative to installing investor relations software in-house. We are a full-service SEC transfer agent who can field investor calls and perform all back-office functions for you.

We’re considering offering a REIT in the future. How can Xerox Securities Services help us?
We have multiple clients with REITs that use our investor relations software and transfer agent services. We have the background needed to help ensure you have a successful offering and get your back office set up properly, freeing you to focus on selling your REIT.