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Mortgage Services

Need better mortgage services including document imaging? We have over 1,300 professionals devoted to providing mortgage document imaging services. In fact, we process documents for five of the top 10 mortgage companies in the U.S.

Offering fully diversified, end-to-end mortgage services, we can deliver BPO services that support your:

  • Data capture
  • Exception processing
  • Stored Information Retrieval (SIR) proprietary image repository
  • File room management
  • Integration with disparate application and imaging systems
  • FileNET (system hosting, software reseller)
  • Integrated workflow
  • Mailroom
  • Data conversion (image-to-image, media-to-media)
  • Post-processing
  • Scanning and imaging
  • Document review application
  • Tax servicing text extraction
  • Offshore services
  • Image delivery to investors
  • Distributed capture (remote scanning capability for branches and correspondents)
  • Inbound fax (index images and commit to image repository).