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Customer Support & Loyalty Programs

We are the largest domestic customer care provider to the Wireless Telecom industry and we provide customer service for VoIP providers and long-distance companies across our global call center locations.  

To address your specific customer care needs, we offer a unique combination of:  

  • Customized solutions  
  • Qualified talent  
  • Global capabilities  
  • Proven methodologies  
  • Specialized technology.  

We handle more than one million customer interactions daily in our state-of-the-art facilities. We employ cutting-edge technology to provide live customer support via:  

  • Telephone  
  • E-mail  
  • Web chat  
  • Mail response  
  • Automated self-help capabilities such as SMS text messaging.  

Each channel can foster a tight bond with customers, and increase their satisfaction and support of your brand. Our services influence the entire customer cycle to help communications service providers measurably improve the success of their loyalty programs. We close the loop on customer loyalty and help:  

  • Improve profits by retaining more customers  
  • Build long-term customer relationships for greater customer lifetime value  
  • Develop customer advocates who promote the brand to other customers  
  • Reinforce brand value with positive customer care experience  
  • Reduce costs for loyalty programs and related customer care