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CRM Analytics for Providers

Our CRM analytics solution helps communications service providers meet business objectives such as increasing customer loyalty and driving innovation. We do this by capturing all sources of customer touch-point data on a single platform, and then providing superior predictive analytics.   

The predictive nature of our CRM analytics solution can help providers develop a targeted social media strategy to:  

  • Manage and build customer relationships and loyalty  
  • Develop strategic insights  
  • Support the sales process and increase sales  
  • Identify buying behavior  
  • Improve the customer experience.  

Use our CRM analytics solution to:  

  • Gain actionable insight into customer trends  
  • Discover opportunities for increasing revenue and market share through informed selling, cross-selling and up-selling  
  • Reduce costs by reducing churn and increasing first-call resolution rates  
  • Understand what your customers value  
  • Prioritize activities to reinforce touch-points that maximize the customer experience  
  • Eliminate high-cost/low-impact customer care activities.